Santa Claus Goes Digital

With my daughter starting to question whether Santa is real or not I’m pulling out all the stops this year to convince her to still believe. With the help of the internet here are some ways I’m going to show my kids that Santa truly does exist. App:

I’ve used iCaught Santa the last two Christmases and it is hands down the BEST way to convince your child that Santa is alive and well and was actually in your house!

You can either use the app or the website but I’ve been having trouble with the app last year and this year so if I were you I’d opt for using the website instead of the app.

You go to the website and upload a picture of your living room, your Christmas tree or your fireplace – whatever area of the house you think Santa would be in. Then you pick a Santa. They have about 25 Santa’s to choose from that are in different positions. You can then move Santa around on your picture and shrink or enlarge him so he looks realistic in the photo. Once you are happy with the way Santa looks you can then save and share you photo.

If you are opting for the free version it comes with an iCaughtSanta watermark on it. Now if I’m trying to get my kids to really believe that I caught Santa in our house they are going to take one look at the iCaughtSanta watermark and ask what the heck that is. You can choose to purchase the photo without the watermark on it. It’s a little pricey at $9.99 but when you see the look on your kids face when they see you caught Santa in your house – it’s worth every penny! There was no disputing if Santa was real.

Here’s the picture from last year:


Portable North Pole:

The Portable North Pole website has tons of options of ways your kids can interact with Santa. The one I’ve used the last few years has been the personalized video from Santa. I like the PNP videos the best because they get into more details. You upload your child’s photo, a couple of special moment photos from the year and then answer a few questions to really make it personalized. My kids love watching their videos from Santa over and over.

The PNP also offers other options from Santa that isn’t free but 5% of the proceeds go directly to a participating children’s hospital. Prices range from $3.99 for a premium video to $8.99 for an official certificate from Santa stating your child is on the nice list to $14.99 for a personalized letter from Santa. Check out the full list of what the PNP offers.

NORAD Tracks Santa App:

Download this free app and your kids can watch Santa go from country to country on Christmas Eve.

Email Santa:

You can email Santa and he will respond by going to It’s a little hokey and the kids can’t actually write Santa an email – they have to fill out a form with set options to pick and then Santa will email you back.

Text Santa:

Want to blow your kids minds? Have Santa send them a text! Head over to Prices start at $4.79 (US) or $3.99 (CDN) to schedule one text message from Santa or for $6.49 (US) or $5.49 (CDN) you can get 3 personalized text messages from Santa.

Santa on Twitter:

There is a @Santa and a @SantaClaus accounts but it looks like Santa isn’t tweeting this year since his last tweet was from Dec 25th last year. Not to worry, there are a few other ways to find Santa on Twitter. Here is a list of Twitter accounts:


Santa on Facebook:

Want to leave Santa a message on Facebook? Here are two places where you and your kids can go ‘Like’ Santa:

I know I’ll be using a few of these this year, as it could be my daughters last year believing in Santa. What ones will you try out?


  1. Cathy Moore says:

    Hi Shannon
    I’m following your blog.
    Hope all is well with your little crew.
    What’s your email address and mailing address?
    John and I are still in Waxahachie.
    All kids ( married ) and living in Fort Worth.
    Life is good!
    xoxo Cathy

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