Kids and Technology Infographic

When it comes to my kids I like to know the facts, any facts. These things didn’t come with manuals and I don’t know about you but I’m dying for any kind of information that will let me have the littlest peak inside those pretty little heads. So I love stats! Especially stats that come in neat and tidy infographics. That’s why when I came across this really great infographic by MDG Advertising about kid tech according to Apple, I lost my mind!

There were two things that stood out for me, one being the study they did of the split Kindergarten class and how the group that used only an iPad for learning out performed the group that was taught the traditional way. Pretty powerful stuff! The other was how technology, and tablets in general, are helping special needs students. As autism and ADHD cases increase year over year there is a growing need for special needs education, having tools like the iPad could help bridge that gap with these students.

What are your thoughts? Do your kids use a tablet at home or at school?


Kids and technology infographic


  1. Anthony Lum says:

    It’s an interesting topic and there is merit to the data. Active participation does facilitate learning. The only thing I have issues with data is that it is purely quantifiable information. Factors we cannot distinguish is the quality of instruction from a human and the method of their instruction to children this age. If they were lecturing children then the use of an iPad would probably be effective. However if children were to be active where instruction was interactive like role play with other children and the instructor so that it was engaging then I think it could be equally effective with qualitative Benefits. Part of education is about adapting children to interact with their peers and not be isolated by using technology. I think technology is a great tool but I do not think a good replacement. I do think educators could try different ways of instructing that allows for more interactive activities that promote can achieve quantative data like the use of an iPad.
    For an adult we should be consider who writes this data and why they wrote it.
    I’m responding using my iPhone and it’s a fantastic tool and hope that this is some sort of anti technology rant. It isn’t however I am study psychology and social psychology and reading about attitude changes and behavior. I base my comments on this knowledge

    • Anthony Lum says:

      Hmm one thing bout my iPhone is that some of my words were changed by it and I wish I could go edit it. Lol I meant to say this is not a rant on tech just that how they arrived at their conclusion may be misleading

    • Very valid points Anthony. I agree that technology shouldn’t replace teacher/student interaction within the classroom, I just see an opportunity for teachers to be able to utilize things like the iPad in the classroom to help increase student engagement. I also really like to see the data around technology and special needs students and how it’s helping them.

      It’s going to be very interesting to watch and see how technology makes its way into the school systems and how effective it will be.

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