How I Got My Kids To Do Chores

I was getting tired of my son always asking to download some $0.99 game for his iPod or my daughter constantly asking for the latest Lalaloopsy doll. It was high time the kids started earning an allowance and start to understand the importance of money.

I tried using a traditional chore chart that used stars for completed chores and it hung on the front of the fridge. That lasted all of 2 weeks before it was abandoned.I tried a Chore Chart app on the iPad. For about 3 weeks we would sometimes remember to check it for chores and to mark chores off but no body was excited to use it or do their chores. I was about to give up, thinking that my kids would never take out the trash or clean up their rooms without me nagging them about a 100 times a day.There had to be something out there that would work for everyone. Something fun and engaging for kids so that they would be excited to do chores and something practical for me to use that wouldn’t require much upkeep. 

I went back to the drawing board and started my research again. This time I noticed a new player in the field – ChoreMonster. ChoreMonster asks “What if your kids begged to do their chores?” Yea right… begging to do chores? I was willing to give it a try and see if at the very least I wouldn’t end up begging the kids to do their chores.

I set each kid up with a profile, a set of chores that I wanted the kids to do and assigned points to each of the tasks on parent dashboard online.ChoreMonster Parent Dashboard


The one unique thing about ChoreMonster is it works best if each kid has access to their own device (iPad, iPhone or iPod). My kids both have their own iPods so I downloaded the kids app on each of their iPods and logged in. So there it was, all of their chores for each of them on their iPods. I was so excited to show them in the morning.

When they woke up I told them they had a new app on their iPods and that it had all their chores on it. They spent a few minutes checking the app out and reading all their chores. As with any new app my kids get they didn’t ask how it worked or what to do next – they just looked through their chores and then started doing them and kept doing them! By the end of the day my 5 year old son actually asked me for more chores because he had completed all of them! I checked his temperature just to make sure he was feeling ok.

ChoreMonster Chore List

It’s been a few months since we started using ChoreMonster and the initial excitement over it has worn off – my son has stopped doing all of his chores but he still does most of them. I have to remind the kids to check off their chores but what has happened is they don’t need to go and check to see which chores they need to do for the day – they just know now and automatically do them each day so in my opinion ChoreMonster has been a huge success.

The downside to ChoreMonster is they don’t have a parent app yet so I need to login to the website every day and approve the chores that my kids have checked off and skip chores that they didn’t complete for the day. The other thing that I don’t like is that I can’t set the reward amount – I have to pick from a set list of total points so I have to juggle the points associated to the chore so that it will total the amount of points needed for the reward.

You can set up any type of reward you want for your child. Anything from an ice cream to a toy they have been wanting or an allowance. I give my kids an allowance. My son who is 5 gets $5 and my daughter who is 7 gets $7 and they each have to get 500 points to unlock their allowance.

ChoreMonster Rewards

There is a fun bonus in ChoreMonster, as the kids check off chores they unlock new monsters on their app. My kids like to compare which monsters they each have and can’t wait to see what new monster they will get next.

ChoreMonster Monsters

ChoreMonster works for our family. What types of things do you use to keep track of chores in your house? Please leave me a comment below and share your experiences.


  1. Hey Shannon! Founder of ChoreMonster here. :) Just wanted to say thanks for the review. It’s awesome to hear how our app has affected families. Also, here’s a little insider info: We’ll be moving out of beta soon, and an improved/updated app will be launching that will include parent management! Stay tuned. And thanks again! -C

    • Thanks Chris for taking the time to not only read my post but comment as well! That’s great news about the new improvements coming – can’t wait. You guys are doing such a great job – you’ve made this digital family very happy.

  2. Great article! It has me thinking already. My kids don’t have their own devices yet but when they do I will be considering it. As the kids are still so young, TV-time & program choices are still hot commodities in our family but I know that day will pass.

    Thanks for recommending your site to me. I love it already.

    • Thanks for the comment Carol! And the kids don’t need their own devices, even if you have an iPod and an iPhone you can at least set 2 kids up on ChoreMonster.

  3. @ Shannon: you said 2 kids can be set up on the choremonster if they dont have their own devices but parent has an ipod or iphone? well, I have 3 kids and im the only one that has iphone. they dont have ipod of their own yet. is it possible I can set up 3 kids? :-/

    • Hi Cassie

      Yes you can still set up 3 separate kid profiles through the web component and each kid would have their own login online and can check their chore list and check off chores through the computer. ChoreMonster is still in Beta so I will email you an invite code to try it out.

      Good luck and let me know how it works for you using the tool online instead of as an app.

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