Setting Digital Boundaries

Kids on iPad

I think one of the more difficult things to manage with children and technology is how much screen time your child should have. Setting digital boundaries with your kids is extremely important, just as important as making sure your kids eat their fruits and vegetables every day. [Continue reading]

Santa Claus Goes Digital

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With my daughter starting to question whether Santa is real or not I'm pulling out all the stops this year to convince her to still believe. With the help of the internet here are some ways I'm going to show my kids that Santa truly does … [Continue reading]

Kids and Technology Infographic

That Digital Family

When it comes to my kids I like to know the facts, any facts. These things didn't come with manuals and I don't know about you but I'm dying for any kind of information that will let me have the littlest peak inside those pretty little heads. So I … [Continue reading]

App Review: TeachMe Educational Apps

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It's always a fine line trying to get your kids to play "educational" games on the iPad/iPhone. They pretty much just want to play Angry Birds all day and I have to give it to them - who wouldn't want to? I don't want to have to nag my kids to play … [Continue reading]

Eight Things That Will Change In Education I'm a huge fan of Seth Godin and think he is an amazing visionary. When I saw that he gave a talk at TEDx Youth, I couldn't help but get excited to hear what he had to say … [Continue reading]

How I Got My Kids To Do Chores

ChoreMonster Chore List

I was getting tired of my son always asking to download some $0.99 game for his iPod or my daughter constantly asking for the latest Lalaloopsy doll. It was high time the kids started earning an allowance and start to understand the importance of … [Continue reading]

Welcome to That Digital Family

Thanks for coming to my blog That Digital Family! I can't believe that after 3 years of helping clients start their own blogs  that I'm just starting my very first blog. Yes, I Shannon Richardson have never had a blog! I've always felt that I wasn't … [Continue reading]